Welcome to vedico group!

Use our expertise on the fast growing markets of Africa or join our investments. We provide an excelent service based on long standing know how and worldwide international contacts.

Our company presents the best traditions of classical consultancy combined with passion for devloping markets. We know how to appreciate our clients and improve our services.

We support you with an inderdiscipline team of experts, with global and local work experience. Our team has the desire to develope a long lasting co-operation with you to provide you with all needs to be successful and pleased.

Services for african industries, businesses and interpreneurs

We have confidence that african businessman and interpreuneurs are innovative and know the needs of local markets. We are pleased to offer our service to connect you with companies from Europe, Asia and America to find business partners, finance and products. Also we can offer all kind of training and fasilitate business trips. Some of our partners are offering business opportunities in areas where we are sure to meet the needs of your country.

Your partner in agriculture

Our agriculture expert team is offering all kind of consultancy for the full producion line from soil analysis to post harvesting and processing. We are also interested to bring in our know-how as technical and management partner and become a shareholder in the business. 


  • Technical and business consultancy service
  • Agriculture expertise
  • Irrigation and drinking water expertise
  • Aquaculture expertise
  • Soil and fertilizer expertise
  • Renewable energy expertise
  • Post harvesting expertise
  • Technical equipment advising
  • Feasibility studies
  • Joint-Venture setup
  • Partner company search
  • Technical equipment advising
  • Product search
  • ...


Help thinking for Africa ...

For the organisation of meetings of our African thinktank, we kindly ask for any support. We are open for any new idea or input and we are desirous of interesting speakers and toppics. We are also appreciating any kind of finacial support,  providing of meeting facilities and/or accomondation. [...]

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